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Proud and Professional

Our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Patrol Solutions. Their ideas help shape the direction of our business as it continues to develop, and they have the experience to get every job done right.


Klinton Kehoe

Owner and Chief Operating Officer

Klinton Kehoe is the owner and COO of Patrol Solutions. He originally entered the private security industry as a security officer for a regional security company.  Less than half a year into his career, he found that he was clearly well-suited for the job and was promoted to be a training manager. He quickly earned numerous training certifications and became qualified to train security officers. As he continued progressing in his career, Klinton began taking on more operational, “big picture” roles and he eventually managed over seventy clients and properties. Seeing firsthand how much clients valued clear lines of communication, honesty, and personal accountability, Klinton knew that his responsiveness and responsibility as a manager would always have meaning and add value to the security program.  It is precisely that attitude that helped him build Tactical K-9 & Patrol Solutions, the company that would eventually be known as simply Patrol Solutions.


Carl Cunningham

General Manager

Carl Cunningham partnered with Patrol Solutions after a ten-year stint as the primary business development manager at a major California-based security company. His goal with Patrol Solutions is to provide a customer-oriented experience for clients, as well as for the officers who support the objectives of the project. One of his many talents is the ability to provide a great deal of attention to each individual client, as he builds each client’s relationship with the Patrol Solutions management team. When meeting with clients, he accurately and helpfully applies his knowledge of the security industry to diagnose the specific services they need for their site. With over 20 years of experience in operations, sales, and marketing, Carl has vast knowledge in the security and business management fields.

JT Stachler, CPP

Chief Executive Officer

Patrol Solutions’ chief executive officer, JT Stachler, is a Certified Protection Professional. After doing some independent consulting for Patrol Solutions, he officially joined the company in 2023. JT began his career in the early ‘90s as a police officer before transitioning to the private security industry. He has worked for several international private security companies and served as a security manager and consultant for various major corporations. When it comes to private security, he is highly experienced in project management, business management, and operations management. As an ASIS-certified CPP, JT has earned the internationally recognized gold standard of excellence for security management professionals.

Felix Guerrero

Director of Operations

Felix Guerrero joined Patrol Solutions in 2020 after working in the security industry for over two decades, spending most of his career as a project start-up manager, operations manager, and training manager. As an experienced leader, Felix prides himself on providing superb customer service and works tirelessly to address and remedy any operational issues in a timely manner. In addition, he is a certified trainer in numerous security disciplines, including firearms training. He has managed major unarmed and armed security projects for government agencies and private entities throughout the Southern California region. A firm believer in teamwork, Felix is a member of the Downtown Security Manager’s Association, an organization of security and law enforcement professionals recognizing homeland security efforts in L.A.

Jennifer Pinelo Photo.PNG

Jennifer Pinelo

HR Specialist

Jennifer Pinelo is the HR specialist. She leads recruiting efforts and conducts onboarding procedures. She also assists with security officer orientation training, officer scheduling, and human resources matters. Jennifer also provides additional administrative support to the local management team. Her willingness to engage clients, colleagues, and candidates, and her vested interest in seeking their best makes her an ideal recruiter and HR specialist.

Maria Luz Silva

Administrative Assistant

Maria Luz Silva is an administrative assistant with expertise in office management. She provides a wide variety of administrative functions. These duties include answering incoming calls, maintaining the office space, handling personnel files, performing data entry, assisting with payroll and budgets, and assisting with the hiring process. She has a background as a security officer, making her a perfect fit for Patrol Solutions.

Dan Dilts

Branch Manager

Dan Dilts is our Sacramento-region branch manager. He’s been in the private security field since early 2008. After a stint at another security company as an armed patrol manager and field training officer, he originally joined Patrol Solutions in 2012 when the company was still operating under its previous name of Tactical K-9 & Patrol Solutions. Dan is also a great communicator and problem solver who responds swiftly to client needs. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the various facets of security, including the development of post orders and officer training plans, the implementation of technology, and the proper management of all resources available. His dependability, his integrity, and his enthusiasm for working together with others make him an excellent leader.

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