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Patrol Officers

Patrol Solutions Officers are second to none and they prove it each and every night. The professional image of your property and our company are important to us. Our Officers are required to maintain a professional appearance in their uniforms and in their attitudes. Our Mission Statement and Vision are not just things we keep tucked in our employee manual, we live by them.

MISSION:  The mission of Patrol Solutions is to exceed our client’s expectations and to provide a superior level of service using proactive enforcement. To accomplish this mission we will use all of the tools at our disposal to eliminate crime on our client’s property within the limits of the law.

VISION:  Patrol Solutions has a vision of being the leading company in the Sacramento Private Security Industry. Our owner has worked for the two leading competitors in the area and has seen that simple mistakes in 

leadership can have a major impact on quality of personnel and service.

Patrol Vehicles

Patrol Solutions deploys fully marked and fully equipped patrol vehicles in our patrol districts. Our fleet consists mostly of Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors and SUV's. Many of our vehicles are equipped with a Code 3 2100 LED Lightbar for maximum visibility, Mobile Data Terminal, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers and Jumpstart / Lockout Kits just to name a few.

TASER M26c / X26c  

Tactical Private Security Solutions deploys both the TASER® M26 and X26 in our field operations.

The Private Security business by its nature is dangerous. Our Officers need to be equipped with effective less lethal weapons in which to defend them when lethal force is not necessary. The advantages to TASER® technology are dramatic reductions in injuries to both suspects and law enforcement officers. Nationwide with more than 14,200 law enforcement agencies deploying TASER devices, a law enforcement revolution has occurred in which officers can temporarily incapacitate subjects from zero to 35 feet away. No other non-lethal law enforcement alternative has undergone as extensive international scientific testing and scrutiny as TASER technology. Although, no use of force device is risk free including TASER technology, medical experts and recent independent comprehensive reports from the governments of Canada, United Kingdom and the U.S. have concluded that TASER systems are among the safer use-of-force alternatives to subdue violent individuals who could harm officers, innocent citizens or themselves.

When used properly, medical and law enforcement experts have concluded that TASER technology is among the most effective use-of-force intervention device available to law enforcement officers to halt violent situations that pose a safety risk to an officer, suspect or innocent citizens. TASER technology isn't a magic bullet but its 94% actual field rates are impressive and unmatched by any other use of force tool.

Whereas traditional use of force tools relay upon pain compliance, the advantage to TASER technology is that it can truly incapacitate a suspect who can overcome pain, might be on dangerous drugs like cocaine or methamphetamines or may even emotionally disturbed. TASER systems don’t rely upon pain compliance but instead provide Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation (NMI) that immediately stops any coordinated action by the subject while the TASER system’s current is applied. Recovery is instantaneous so the TASER system simply provides a window of opportunity to temporarily stop someone's dangerous actions. Of the 14,200 law enforcement agencies deploying TASER technology, there have been no reports of overall increasing injury rates to suspects or officers. In fact, dramatic decreases in suspect and officer injuries have occurred particularly at law enforcement agencies that deploy TASER technology to the vast majority of its patrol offices. Workers Compensation rates have accordingly shown a decrease as well.

Several law enforcement agency insurance agencies/risk management groups actually reimburse law enforcement agencies with funding when TASER devices are purchased based upon the actuarial data of field results of TASER deployments.