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Patrol Inspections

Patrol Solutions, specializes in random patrol inspections on our client's properties.


Through our unique districting system which does not assign a client to a specific officer, a criminal can never learn when to expect an officer on the property. Our proprietary Computer Aided Dispatching system allows multiple officers to work harmoniously in the same area, covering the same properties, making our truly random patrol service possible.


Patrol Solutions officers are required to patrol properties both in their vehicle and on foot as directed by the clients contract. Spending the extra time to extensively foot patrol our client?s properties makes our service infinitely more valuable than the quick vehicle patrols seen by our competitors.


Clients can choose between one (1) and twelve (12) inspections per night. Generally most clients choose three (3) inspections per night to provide coverage to their property without incurring the cost of more inspections. If request, the client will receive a written report the following morning detailing the events of the night.