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Alarm Response & Call For Service Only 

For our clients who cannot afford or do not need regular patrol services, Patrol Solutions, offers a low cost alternative.

Alarm Response and Call For Service Only clients pay a flat monthly rate which includes a set number of responses. Additional responses are charged at a low price per response.

According to the Sheriff's website their department responds to 32,000 alarm calls per year and 98% of those calls are false. In addition to tying up recourses that the Police need to respond to real crimes in progress, these calls can cost property owners lots of money. A property that receives multiple false alarm responses from the Police may be billed up to $300 per call. Additionally, due to budget constraints, it may take hours for the Police to respond even to the REAL calls.

Patrol Solutions low monthly bill rate saves our clients money. Additionally our response time is usually less than 10 minutes, maximizing the chance of catching criminals in the act and avoiding loss to our client's property.