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Since 2010, Patrol Solutions has provided its services to Residential and Commercial property management companies in Northern California, including Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco the greater Bay Area, El Dorado, Amador, Placer, and Yolo Counties. Combining experienced officers with the latest in patrol technology keeps Patrol Solutions at the leading edge of today's high end patrol market.



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GPS Backed Guard Tour Verification Technology

Besides the old school detex clocks, using an i-button (RFID) system is how clients and owners of security companies would verify a guard was doing their "rounds" of a property. 

OLD SYSTEM PROBLEMS: a supervisor has to go download and read the data from the wand. Another problem with the i-button systems is the large availability of the actual i-buttons themselves, just do a search on the internet for i-button systems, a guard can get a reader that reads i-buttons, then the guard orders his own set of i-buttons that match the ones that are on the post, then sits at his desk running the wand over his own collection of i-buttons. 
THE PATROL SOLUTION: Patrol Solutions Guard Tour Verification System. Our System uses simple QR Code labels that are scanned with an Android phone running the Patrol Solutions Mobile software. Patrol Solutions Mobile creates a GPS stamp of each and every time the Patrol Solutions Mobile code is scanned and is viewable instantly by you on your own client account page, and there are GPS links to satellite maps showing a marker of where the guard was exactly at the time of the scan. Furthermore the Patrol Solutions Mobile system sends out an email to you every morning with the activities from the past 24 hours of all the Patrol Solutions Mobile scans of your property.

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Maintenance Reporting

THE PATROL SOLUTION: The maintenance reports that Patrol Solutions generates leave NOTHING to be desired, you will be 100% satisfied when you receive a maintenance report that describes the issue, shows an actual picture of the issue, and shows an exact location of the issue with a marker on a satellite view map that is interactive so you can actually zoom in for a tighter view, or zoom out to view the general area of the issue.